Landscape Design and Installation

Merrell Lawn and Landscape offers a full range of landscaping services to fit your needs.  Listed below are the services you can expect to be done professionally and at a reasonable price.

  • Landscape Design by Merrell Lawn & Landscape - Gallatin, TNLandscape Design - We use state of the art software to lay out our design for those who want something creative done.  After design, we can share the layout with you and make adjustments to fit your needs so that your landscaping is perfectly fit for you.
  • Landscape Installation - Whether you already know what you want, or you want us to help you with design, we can professionally install the landscape to make your property look beautiful.  
  • Retaining Walls, Steps, and Hardscapes - We can fit many structures into your design.  We will work with you to achieve that perfect look!
  • Planting, Mulch, Borders, and much more! - Our full service installation covers everything needed to make your property look beautiful.
  • Maintenance - If you already have an existing landscape and just need it maintained or adjusted, give us a call for any of your landscaping needs!  

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